Monday, December 22, 2008

What Zainah Anwar must know.


Its funny if you ever asked a lorry driver about flying an aircraft.

Although if the lorry driver had the knowledge,if he has the aircraft operation manual and any sort of that,he will never know how to fly an aircraft unless if he undergoes a proper training course,that is conducted by appropriate and qualified teachers and instructors.

It is a known fact,that a teacher is a teacher,as he or she is qualified and is possessing certain certifications that are needed in order to become a teacher.A mother,however lenient and soft spoken she is,however creative in making her son understanding something;she is not to be mandated the job as a teacher,as she does not possess the required knowledge,though she knows what she is doing,and she has the skills of a good teacher.

It is the same goes to Islam.It is logical to have only the most well versed,the most knowledgeable person about its fundamentals,its laws,and its philosophy to talk and to teach about it.

That is why I think Zainah Anwar is confused when she wrote this in an article called Modern and Moderate,Islam,in AsiaWeek,16 September,1997:

"Women's groups, which criticize the shariah system and offer alternative interpretations of the Koran on issues of equality and justice, are often condemned by those who believe...only the ulama (Muslim theologians) have the right to speak about religious matters."

Of course only the ulama have the right to speak,they are the only ones who understand!I do not know why this has to be such an issue the those liberalists.

Come on.Even a child can understand this.

I apologize if this statement is a bit harsh to those who are reading.It is my only hope that I can propagate the true understanding of Islam to others.

ara damansara
22nd December 2008

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